Healing Through Sound and Light


Services and consultations must be booked via the Scheduling page on this website - contact for all questions- All consultations are free, all services must be paid in full at the time of scheduling and are non refundable if are a “no show” or cancelled within 24 hours of appointment.

Advanced Education Activations and Packages

Advanced Education Activations and Packages

from 120.00

ALL EDUCATION ACTIVATIONS REQUIRE CONSULT PRIOR TO SCHEDULING AND PURCHASE. Please do not purchase without approval. Activations purchased without a necessary approval will NOT be given and will only be 25% refunded. Approval is necessary as these activations are not to be taken lightly and literally change your entire life, I must be sure you are ready for that shift.

ORACLE ACTIVATION PACKAGE - This activation package includes 5 one on one sessions of activations and Q&A to activate your higher sensory perception (HSP) and answer whatever questions you may have in regards to using these gifts.

The first session will be full activation or upgrades to your healer template with education on how to work with energy and how to do self healing on your own, we will go into detail regarding grounding, learning your field perimeter (aura), sealing up, checking for leakages, cording, energetic release, healing wounds, and energetic cording to others - 45 minutes.

The following sessions in whichever order you prefer (30 minutes each):

Crown - Claircognizance and Divine Channel Opening,

Brow - Clairvoyance and Timeline Reading,

Throat - Clairaudiece and Light Language,

Heart - Clairsentience and Empath Regulation.

Each session we will clear out whatever types of blockages/veiling/lockdowns/contracts etc that may be inhibiting you from being able to process the information that may be already is coming through in those ways.

All 5 sessions must be completed within 6 weeks and may be booked back to back within the same day. $777/165 minutes

LIGHT LANGUAGE ACTIVATION- $120USD - 30 minutes- Light language activations are for those who are looking to expand their healing abilities and start bringing in new light codes for activations and upgrades. A moderate explanation will be given with the activation as to how to get Light Language to start flowing as well as a complete activation and calibration on multiple extended chakras to open up the “mouth of god”.

FIELD WORK EDUCATION PACKAGE- $1111USD - 5 Field Work Education sessions package @ 60+ minutes each + LIGHT LANGUAGE ACTIVATION BONUS (activation happens in first education session of the package). Field work activations are crown/brow/throat/heart chakra activations to let you start knowing/seeing/commanding/feeling the morphonegenic field in a manner which you can filter through energies as well as opening up all of the fields as they present themselves according to your readiness. This package is for people who are already practicing healing modalties on their own clients and are well versed with healer/client protocol. All education sessions are designed to assist in developing YOUR model of field work and will vary depending on what you are looking to learn and heal within yourself. This is an activation package with an 11%+ discount when purchasing 5 Field Work Education sessions at once. Single Education sessions are available on the scheduler for full price. To request approval for scheduling please set up a consult via the scheduling app on this website.

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