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Services and consultations must be booked via the Scheduling page on this website - contact for all questions- All consultations are free, all services must be paid in full at the time of scheduling and are non refundable if are a “no show” or cancelled within 24 hours of appointment.

Field Work Energy Healing

Field Work Energy Healing

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Morphonogenic Field Work is an in depth modality of quantum energy healing in which all aspects of the energetic body are addressed. As this is not an overnight process I have set up different ways to purchase sessions in order to cover the specific concerns of the client. PLEASE GO TO THE SCHEDULING PAGE TO PURCHASE SERVICES. This page is specifically to purchase gifts or future sessions that will be added manually. All services can be purchased using Credit Cards or Paypal through the Scheduling Page.

Basic Field Work- This is a basic field work single session to test the waters. All basic field work sessions are $250USD/90Min and will cover the 7 main chakras in the body as well as the Earth Star chakra below the feet and anchoring into the new earth grid. During this session any cords may need dissolved, unresolved core wounds and overlays may be brought to the surface, emotional blockages removed, removal of locks on 12 tree grid and layers of the energetic body, entity attachment will be removed, collapsing any timeline or template that karmic miasma comes up to be resolved. Hook ins and hawk ins may also be addressed as well as any sort of lock downs or fall spaces. This service is excellent for ancestral healing and trauma recoding. I have increased this session to 90 minutes as we have to wait until the fields show us things they’re ready to be closed down and that rarely happens in less then an hour in a first session.

Extended Field Work - Extended Chakra System Session, for intermediate clients who have previously had a Basic Field Work session. This is now a requirement prior to scheduling upkeep sessions. $250USD/60 minutes. In this session we will do full activations on your extended chakra system, collapse out chakra membranes, do full Sirian Activations (Ka, Ba and Ma in through the meridian system) and activate your diamond heart, and do brain recalibration to connect the masculine and feminine together so they are one solid functioning unit. When full activations occur you are able to access galactic timelines and start anchoring in your mission.

Upkeep Sessions - All chakras are now included in upkeep sessions and have increased from 30 to 60+minutes (sometimes will run over if the fields need to continue release). $200USD

Half & Half - This is for those that would like intuitive guidance with their Field work, 15 minutes of intuitive guidance to answer questions about timelines and 25 minutes of Field Work in whichever order seems in alignment with the client. $175USD

Joint Sessions- Dual facilitator sessions are available if you would like to have two field workers blast through multiple sessions worth of work in one sitting. $800/60+ minutes. Consult, Zoom and PayPal REQUIRED.


Due to the level of healing this brings only 1 appointment may be booked per month. Unlike other modalities I have used, this level of healing requires time after the session to purge, re calibrate and for activations and upgrades to set in. Activations usually 2-3 days to anchor in fully, and upgrades within the 3D take place about 1.5-2 weeks after the session, so over all it take about 1-2 weeks for the shift to occur and I refuse to overwhelm your physical/emotional body by doing too many sessions back to back. I will note that going into 2019 purging seems to be less intense and less lengthy as time goes on (thank goodness) so you may notice the shift even sooner.

Consultations are available to go over details of how sessions go and to discuss any specific concerns you may have. Consultations, purchasing, and scheduling are to be done via the Scheduling app on the Scheduling page on this website. All Field Work is done via Phone/WhatsApp/Zoom, no Facebook or Google Messenger. Your session will start promptly at the time you scheduled, if you are late then the time will deducted from your session as there are always following clients later in the schedule. All services are nonrefundable if cancelled less then 24hours of appointment time. Email for any questions.

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