Healing Through Sound and Light


Services and consultations must be booked via the Scheduling page on this website - contact for all questions- All consultations are free, all services must be paid in full at the time of scheduling and are non refundable if are a “no show” or cancelled within 24 hours of appointment.

Indigo Witch Offerings

Indigo Witch Offerings


Oracle Reading - New Service - Oracle Readings are designed to access all aspects of pure source knowledge via the Amenti and the Akash. I have redesigned this offering as a multimodality service use any combination of tarot cards, light language runes, pendulum, &/or direct source channeling depending on what my guides recommend. This service is best for past/present/future type of readings and getting direct information from your highest vibrational teams/guides, I Am not a medium and am not tuned to the frequency of the deceased so this service is not designed to contact lost loved ones. During this service I ask you are in a calm space with minimal distractions as I will be tuning in to your field, I will use light language to open up the particular timelines you are in alignment with at the moment and open all channels to receive whatever information is best suited to guide you at the moment answering all queries presented. $65/15 minutes.

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